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Here you will find all the wordpress support and help that you need.        Stop Searching

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wordpress support, Home
wordpress support, Home

Fix any wordpress issue with experts in a Click.

Have you ever WISH you could delegate a task FOR?

But HERE is always hassle to search for providers ?? find the right one, negotiate the terms, provide access & clear the requirements, track the progress, making sure it’s done and handle the payments…

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just… Well… Click a button ?!
DOTHATTASK is the only platform that  WILL ALLOW YOU TO DELEGATE  wordpress support any task you want an WordPress expert with a simple click, communicate over the task, track the progress, and mange all payments, Without ever leaving your own site admin.

YES! DOTHATTASK will not only save you lots of time, wait till you’ll see the fixed-price estimations for your wordpress support tasks.

And for the cases you feel something is wrong, but can’t put your finger on it, or not sure what are the next steps for your site, Our wordpress support experts and innovative tools, will audit and suggest the your next tasks!

wordpress support, Home

How It Works

With its one click integration on your WordPress website, DOTHATTASK  is the efficient & user friendly platform to use and get your work done

With DOTHATTASK on your website you can collect tasks, grab screenshots, get expert estimations, track progress and manage your web service provider and payments.

Quick Steps to get started

wordpress support, Home

Create Tasks

Create a task and explain better by takin a screenshot, crop the image, add arrows, text and frames directly on the image
wordpress support, Home

Manage Tasks

Manage your task using Task Central, admin panel menu, under web-smarter, click task central where you can view and manage all your tasks
wordpress support, Home

Sit back & let Experts do the rest

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DOTHATTASK is the best task delegation platform in the market.
Here are some of the features that makes DOTHATTASK the only tool you will ever need to manage your website.

wordpress support, Home

Onetime Integration

Simple one time WordPress plugin installation on your site & manage all your website‘s tasks
wordpress support, Home

Explain Better

With Screenshots and Images you can explain, Crop, Draw and Add text on it
wordpress support, Home

360 Task Management

You can Priorities, assign, track statuses smoothly through Task Dashboard
wordpress support, Home

All-In-One Tool

To do it all, without ever leaving your site's admin panel you can do all you want
wordpress support, Home

Create Task with ease

Create and Assign Tasks at an ease from your websites admin panel
wordpress support, Home

Easy Access to Manage

Access, Manage & Track all your website tasks from admin panel exactly where and when you experience a problem


Websites that need constant maintenance – content writing, designs, bug fixes, search engine optimizations, onsite optimizations, and plenty of other things.

All weekly subscriptions assume different maintenance volumes and add the amount as credit balance used on expert services. Credit bonuses, features, and support level increase with the subscription amount.

Start with the free plan, get 100$ on us – no credit card required, grasp the full power of DOTHATTASK then decide on a plan to get the best out of it.


  • Always FREE
  • WordPress Tool: Free
  • Dedicated Experts: V
  • 25 $ / hr
  • Wordpress plugin
  • Free setup
  • Free Website Audit: 1 / month
  • Joining Bonus: 100$

Strong Business

  • Effective Hour Rate: 9$ / hr
  • WordPress Tool: Free
  • Dedicated Experts: V
  • Free Website Audit: 1 / month
  • Joining Bonus: 100$
  • Free setup
  • Customization
  • Option To Remove Footer
  • Remove Feed Back Button
  • Better Support