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Get all the support you need, without seeking for experts, simply describe what you need, and get it done.


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How It Works

DoThatTask offers a highly efficient process to resolve any WordPress issue with experts in a click

Create a Task

You can take screenshots, upload files and, even take audio or video recordings

Approve Estimation

Experts will provide you time estimation in hours. After your approval, they will start working

Review Work Done

Review the work done and mark as complete, or re-open the task to fix something else


DoThatTask is the best task delegation platform in the market.

Here are some of the features that makes DoThatTask the only tool you will ever need to manage your website.


Onetime Integration

Simple one time WordPress plugin installation on your site & manage all your website‘s tasks

24/7 Support

With round the clock chat support you can chat to acquire support on an problem

Pay Once Done

Pay only when the task is done and delivered to you and not worry about being mugged

Explain Better

Take screenshots, audio/video recordings or upload files. Also, crop, draw and add text on it

Work Estimations

Create any task and check how much each one costs with a click of a button

Chat With WordPress Expert

Hassle-Free communication over tasks, explain and interact better with experts on chat

Our platform is FREE TO USE!

You only have to pay when you approve an estimation! And that’s because we bring you a high-quality team of experts, that will giveyou an amazing WordPress support

So, you can create any task that you want and, check how much each one costs

We are very sure that our prices are cheaper than any other WordPress expert in the market

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Here are some common FAQ’s about our WordPress support service.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information.

What is the effective per hour rate?

25$ /Hr is charged for our Hand-picked experts. This is only charged when you approve the estimation received on your published tasks by the experts. There is no minimum or monthly fee.

Is my website and data secured?

Yes, You stay in charge during the whole process. You have the option to grant/revoke access to your website.

Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied?

You can review the work when it is delivered by the Expert. You have the option to mark it complete or re-open it. We hold the amount until you mark the task as complete. DoThatTask customer service can be contacted at any time to mitigate issues or to get a refund if experts do not provide what you ask for.

What payment methods are acceptable?

Your account balance is charged once you approve the estimation from experts on your tasks. You have the option to top-up with Paypal.

How will I be charged and when?

Once you send a task for Estimation, Experts provide time estimation in hours. After your approval, Do That Task keeps that amount and releases it to the Expert once task is delivered and approved by you.

How can I get my $100 joining bonus?

It will be added to your account when you sign up. You can use it as you please. No credit card required.
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