About Us


DoThatTask whole idea, all came from experience.

We come from the web design industry, with more than 20 years in the eco-system of building websites, web-platforms, and providing digital services to clients.

We did it all - from all ends, back-end front-end, marketing, design, content writing, customer service, managed teams of 30 workers locally and over 100 remotely. We worked with clients of 1 worker to 20,000 employees.

Worked in most methodologies out there from Kanban to agile, from calling to “just close a gap” directly on production, to have a chain of multiple approval steps (as big enterprises have) until a task goes into general availability. We have worked with all the tools required to work correctly and efficiently.

This brought us to an understanding that something is wrong with the process. Every client comes with their own tools, own experience, own “baggage” and the service provider needs to adapt.

Our experience pushed us to build something that solves this key problem in the digital services industry.

The Problem

As a client - how can one - trust his whole business with a single service provider, where in most cases, we observed, that the clients have no idea how to interview the provider, describe their needs well or even figure out their problems let alone solutions?

Big companies spend big money to on-board service providers who in return have to fully adapt to their client’s needs to provide tailored solutions.

What if the client is a small company? How can you support micro-tasks for micro clients, while staying efficient, secure, and still provide great support?

Business owners wish to focus on their business, and nothing else.


Take the example of Laura, she is a Florist, she loves flowers and this is her career for over 30 years.

Laura doesn't like the way her website works, many of her clients tell her they couldn't work with it, Her website is her face to the digital world and she wants to improve it.

Let’s see what options have she got to make it right:
If she has an existing provider (or hear about one from a friend), she would probably call him and try explaining it over the phone

If she has no one - she will most probably:
1. find online marketplaces of freelancers
2. consolidate a list of requirements & publish a ``project``
3. project goes for pre-screening
4. she waits for the bids
5. starts screening the candidates & somehow interviews them
6. negotiates the budget
7. trusts and gives out access to her site
8. and then hopes for the best - while actually statistics tell that in 55% of the cases - she won't.

She wants her website to ``work itself`` ultimately while she focuses on her goods, employees, and services to her own clients, She is not a ``digital expert`` - how can she explain what she needs or even figure out her next steps?

The Solution

We coupled our experience with the best tools used in marketplaces & enterprises - to create a straight & simple flow that allows any service provider to support a stranger client seamlessly and with minimal overhead for both parties - even micro-tasks of only 15 minutes.

To get a task done, you do not need to interview anyone, install multiple tools, call anyone or feel unsafe that something wrong may happen to your website.

Add tasks, track tasks, take screenshots, communicate over tasks, payments – manage everything directly from your own site!

And even better - we know you are not a digital expert, this is why experts will constantly audit your website and suggest tasks for you that they think need to be done next! So all you need to really do is sit back, and approve them to your own priority and budget.

And best of all - since the process is all optimized - and overhead for the experts is all gone - The prices are low!

We ultimately want you to literally set a monthly budget, and let experts run your site, you can be part of the process if you want - but you don’t need to be.


We want to enable you to focus on what you really love, and what you are skilled at, while DoThatTask automatically grows your business.