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About Us


DoThat Task is a Plug-in at the end of the day but it started with a thought backed by “Passion”.
“Passion” is the on-going driving force which pushes us to enrich the user experience and to make it even better every passing day.
We take pride in supporting and helping Digital businesses for the last 20 years.We are constantly trying to fill up the gap of processes and Skill-set required to support a Digital Business today. Digital world is fast-changing and we at Do That Task ensure our customers stay on top of the game.


  • To uplift Business Owners by providing a fully automated community based support so that they can focus on what they are good at
  • To provide Experts with a focused platform to diversify their portfolio


To enable Digital Businesses to

  • Save Money, Time & Energy
  • Focus
  • Sustain
  • Scale-up

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