What Are Child Themes?

February 3, 2020
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Learning how to install and uninstall themes is not all; it’s important to understand different categories of themes. Hence today we are answering the question: What are Child themes? The definition of a Child theme in WordPress is typically a sub them that has its functionalities, features and style inherited from the parent theme.

Child themes are commonly preferred when you want to allow for some small changes on a small aspect of your site but still preserve the look and functionality of your website. Here are some of the functions and features of the Child theme in relation to parent theme;

  • The customisations done on the Child theme are kept separate from the parent theme.
  • They are the best option when making modifications that are replicable and portable.
  • With child themes, you can make modifications to the parent theme without destroying any latest modifications done.
  • They save on development time
  • They offer the best way to start learning about theme development.

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