How to Install Google Analytics in my Blog?

February 3, 2020
Install Google Analytics In Blog,Dothattask

Installing Google analytics in your site is critical in helping you to track your website traffic, thanks to the valuable insights that it provides. If you want to learn how to install Google Analytics in your blog, then you are at the right place. Before we get started, you need to have a Google Analytics account.

Installing Google Analytics by use of plugins.

Monster insights is one of the popular Google Analytic plugins used in WordPress websites.

  1. Install and activate the MonsterInsights Plugins. (check our tutorials on how to install a plugin)
  2. Log in your WordPress admin menu and Add a new menu item labeled “insights”
  3. Click it to bring the MonsterInsights Setup wizard.
  4. Select the category of your blog website and click save
  5. Click the “Connect MonsterInsights” Button
  6. Sign up on your Google analytic account using the Pop up.
  7. Allow MonsterInsights to access your Google Analytic account.
  8. Select the recommended setting for your website.
  9. Click on Save and continue button.
  10. Install the WPForms which is an ideal contact form plugin.

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