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For Experts

DoThatTask is an integrated platform that enables you as an Expert to reach millions of potential clients in the wordpress space (WordPress is the CMS used for 75 million websites and counting). 

DOThatTask is a unique marketplace for wordpress developers, SEO experts, digital designers and digital marketing experts integrated with wordpress CMS as a plugin.

You will be able to offer your services to thousands of potential clients that are available on DoThatTask and are seeking EXPERTS like you.

Top Experts exists on DoThatTask who are creating great value for our Customers and making good fortunes for themselves.

As an Expert you can;

  • Quick create your Work Profile
  • Bid on the Work for task related to your skills
  • Offer your Services to thousand of Customers
  • Get Paid quickly without hassle
  • Maintain and update your profile to get more work
  • A Support team to review any dispute

DoThatTask expects EXPERTS to deliver High Quality Work and
create Great Business Value for our Customers

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