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All-In-one tool to manage your entire WordPress website and to acquire the task based expertise with a click without ever leaving your Admin Panel.

  • Unlimited Free task collection tools.
  • Unlimited estimations from experts for your tasks.
  • Unlimited Community Reviews and suggestions.

DoThatTask is free to use, You only pay when you approve a task`s estimation.

Pricing FAQs

How can I get my $100 joining bonus?

It will be added to your account when you sign up. You can use it as you please. No credit card required.

What can I use the 100$ for?

You can use it for any website related issue/task. Be it bugs, optimization, digital marketing, content or any wordpress related development. The first four hours of work are on us and this comes without any hidden charges.

What is the effective per hour rate?

25$ /Hr is charged for our Hand-picked experts. This is only charged when you approve the estimation received on your published tasks by the experts. There is no minimum or monthly fee.

How will I be charged and when?

Once you send a task for Estimation, Experts provide time estimation in hours. After your approval, Do That Task keeps that amount and releases it to the Expert once task is delivered and approved by you.

What payment methods are acceptable?

Your account balance is charged once you approve the estimation from experts on your tasks. You have the option to top-up with Paypal.

Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied with your expert services?

You can review the work when it is delivered by the Expert. You have the option to mark it complete or re-open it. We hold the amount till you mark the task as complete. DoThatTask customer service can be contacted at any time to mitigate issues or to get refund if expert does not provide what you ask for.

Can the tool manage all the services like WordPress Fixes, Digital Marketing etc.?

Yes. We have our hand – picked experts who are waiting for helping you to boost your website.

Is my website and data secured?

Yes, You stay in charge during the whole process. You have the option to grant/revoke access to your website.


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