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By edwin tirado - On 23/07/2020 At 07:43 pm - For men*****.il

If you need as a business that users create any kind of account to make a purchase is ok. But, if you don't need that, please remove it. The main reason is that users don't want to waste time creating accounts that they never going to use in the future. A better option to keep the data is to integrate your e-commerce with email marketing services or CRM, they are a few free options that allow your website to send the data of each customer from your website to the CRM instantly. With that, you will be able to create email marketing campaigns like a weekly newsletter, emails with coupons, etc. Also, in a CRM you can track which users make a purchase, how much they expent on each one, and use that information to create incredible audiences to make ads con social media.


Suggestion Status : Rejected

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