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Why should I install DothatTask?

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save money

Have a wordress websites?  Then you must install DoThatTask.

We are all too busy, to manage our businesses, blogs, life. Who have the time to give a call to the developer who build the site a year ago ? or ask the designer for a new banner?

You have imperfections your website you keep for later. NO MORE. 

install DoThatTask, add all your tasks in seconds, click on a single button to ask for estimations, and if you like the task’s fixed price, (AND YOU WILL!), pay.

DoThatTask hold the payments, until you say our hand-picked experts are done with your tasks. only then they get paid.

Never leave your site to manage it, you don’t need to choose your service provider, or even know his name. THESE DAYS ARE OVER!

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