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What can I do If I’m not satisfied with a task delivery?

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Nobody is perfect!

While we screen the best Expert for the job, there might be multiple reasons for a task delivery to fail.

You may think you explained a task perfectly, while the Expert understands it totally different. Try to be as descriptive as you can, do not make assumptions.

Every website is different, your website code can be neat or really horrible. The Expert isn’t familiar with it, but he is working with his professional hunch. In some extreme cases the hunch was wrong – and he is asking for an additional funds.

In some cases – there might not be a fit between you and the Expert – Dothattask can replace the Expert for you – just let us know!

Either way – if you are not able to resolve the issue with the Expert – Dothattask team is here for you!

We will go over the communications on the task, review the initial requirements and resolve the case. We can refund you for the paid amount and cancel the task, change your assigned Expert, or resolve the case internally with the Expert.

If you have any issue or question – do not hesitate – Contact us

DoThatTask committed to customer satisfaction to be achieved at any cost. that makes us different from others.

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