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How do I manage payments?

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You will never have to pay for any task on DOThatTask until you are satisfied with the work that the expert has done for your WordPress website.

You control when you will release the payment for the service the expert did for you.

When task definitions are ready – you can click “Ask for Estimation” button, this will sent the task for a web Expert for a Free estimation.

Expert enter his estimation in hours – how many hours is it gonna take him to deliver you task, DoThatTask automatically calculates a fixed price cost for the task. We base the calculations on a 25$ / hour rates (USD), while considering promotions, add-ons you choose, or your managing agency definitions (if applicable).

REMEMBER – It is your decision if you want to approve a task and pay or not. DoThatTask hold the task’s funds until the task is marked as “Done”, Therefore if you are not satisfied with the delivery – you can always change the task status to “Reopen” or contact us for Free additional support.

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