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How do I manage my wordpress website task?

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You can request any task with DoThatTask plugin and you can ask for an estimation of the fee for this task to be done, It won’t take more than 1 day to get an estimation for the task you want to be done in your WordPress website.

  • Clicking “add task” button from anywhere on your site will collect the task to your task central page
  • You can fill in the title, description, take a screenshot, or upload an image, and draw on it

On the task central you can see all your tasks, you can chat with the expert on each task in a chat like interface.

  • Draft – a task only visible to you
  • Estimation – a task sent to Expert for estimation
  • Ready – a task estimated by the expert and waiting for you to approve (pay the requested amount)
  • In-progress – when you approve the task – pending expert to deliver
  • Review – expert done with task – and it is pending your review
  • Done – you reviewed and approve task completed
  • Reopen – noticed some things not done – and reopened the task – make sure to clarify your requirements
  • With this simple task flow – you always stay in control, without ever leaving your site wp-admin

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